Sony Ericsson Unlocking Secret Codes

The most often asked question was how do I unlock my Sony Ericsson phone?

One way you can try it is with a free unlock patch generator, such as the one I found here.

The method involves several downloads, including a flash driver, a USB cable, Windows, and only works with Sony Ericsson DB2020 phones, (including such models as the K550, W610, K610, and W880) but it seems like a legit way to unlock Sony Ericsson cell phones, provided your understand your trying the method at your own risk. Back everything up!

To figure out if you have a DB2020 phone, type -> * <- <- * <- * to reach the Sony Ericsson Secret Menu screen. Enter the Service Info screen followed by the Software Info screen and look for EROM. If DB2020 is in the EROM name, the method should work. Here's some other Sony Ericsson Secret Codes we tracked down : To reset the theme: <0000>

Lock Status : <-**<-
Get network information : <**<
Programming checks : >*<<*<*> or >*<<*<*>

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scott said...

I bought the Sony Ericsson K550 on Vodafone UK and when i went for my holidays to Spain I was not able to use the phone. I need my Sony Ericsson K550 to work. So i want to unlock my phone. When i search in the internet i found this site which gives me instrctions on how to unlock my phone. But I need an unlock code. Can you give me an unlock code? and can you guarentee it will work. You can contact me at