Sony Ericsson T300 with MCA 25 Communicam

Silent Mode

When On Standby mode Keep on pressing the "C" button for around 2-3 seconds. Then a menu will pop up with the title Standby Menu. Now you could press 1 to turn on silent press 2 to lock keypad.

Volume Up/Down

During a call is in progress you could Move the Volume slider Up & Down to adjust the volume.

Service Menu

Joystick Movements are constituted with these symbols <>


Check IMEI


Call List

When on Standby keep on pressing the Yes key for 2 or 3 seconds, this will pop up the Call list.

Zoom (+)(-)

While taking pictures using the MCA 25 Communicam, You may move the joystick on the the Right to Zoom in, Move the joystick to Zoom out.

Status Information

Standby mode, move the Volume slider to view the Status Information.