Camera Trick for Sony Ericsson Z600 / T610 / T630

This trick will works on T610 with R3c firmware and above, T630 and Z600.

Because with the recent firmware, Sony Ericsson decide to compress the camera pics to reduce its memory size. So the pics taken will looks blury and pixel. You can transfer the pic back to PC then back to phone again and it will looks much better and of course occupy more memory space.

Now, you don't even have to transfer the camera pics back to PC then phone to increase its quality, you can simply do this:

After you press the capture button to take the picture, then continue pressing in the joystick on T610/T630 or the middle button on the Z600, because we are trying to save the pic before the phone compress the pic to reduce its quality, you will know if you sucess or not by simply seeing the screen around turns black after save. Then you know its done. You can now go to my pictures and check the pic u just taken, its clear and not blurry and check the memory space, its also small.

But after you taken more than 1 pics, the phone will automatically increase the memory size of the previous pics u taken, but the latest one will still occupy a small memory size while the quality is good.


vijay said...

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Admin said...

Wow thanks for sharing! I'll try it and see it for myself.